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Picolino AES-impedance conv.

convinces with superior broadcast quality and a very small design which makes it suitable for space-saving universal applications. You can, for example, plug the

DI-box directly into the XLR-input on the stagebox to function unobtrusively, just like a standard adapter. The Picolino DI-box series stands out with high quality transmission technology and intelligent switching and ensures superior signal conversion in studio quality. Active and passive DI-boxes as well as AES/EBU-impedance converters are available in several different designs.


for impedance adaptation of digital audio signals, AES/EBU - AES3 (110 Ohm) and AES3id, or S/PDIF (75 Ohm) as well as electrical isolation of signals. Technically it complies with the AES Norm, thus it can be used for broadcasting, and of course studio and event technologies without limitation.

K-IWP75-110            75 Ω => 110 Ω, BNC <=> XLR-M

K-IWP75-110-L        75 Ω => 110 Ω, BNC <=>XLR-M, long -

                                     directly plugable

K-IWP110-75            110 Ω => 75 Ω, BNC <=> XLR-F

K-IWP110-75-L       110 Ω => 75 Ω, BNC <=>XLR-M, long -

                                     directly plugable


Transformation behavior:  110 : 75  / 75 : 110  

Test voltage:  0,5 kV / AC

Coupling capacitance:  < 20 pF
11 dB PAD for AES 3id (3,3 V zu 1 V) and
17 dB PAD for S/PDIF (3,3 V zu 0,5 V) available

Dimensions:  H: 31 mm, B: 26 mm (like D-flange), L: 50 mm